Excell for Training is a training provider specialising in Adult Care and Children & Young People

In our 2021/2022 learner evaluation

92% of learners would recommended us

95% of learners was satisfied with the service received 


About Excell for Training

Excell for Training is a training provider based in Chesterfield, specialising in Health and Social Care & Children and Young People training

What We Do

Excell For Training offers many opportunities and advice for a wide variety of qualifications.

Our Location

Excell for Training is based in Chesterfield, offering services across England. The office is located just 10 minutes from junction 29 on the M1.

Aggregate Review : All Reviews  5 out of 5 , 53 votes , 53 reviews

This was a good course, I enjoyed it.

Total Care Matters - CYP Apprentice Learner   

Rachel has been very supportive throughout, always on hand to give guidance. Rachel offered lots of support to ensure I completed by the set time frame.

Resolute Care   

The support our staff are getting is excellent. All are progressing well. The assessor is very approachable and all the staff get on well with her, she has even arranged to go into the care home on the night shift to teach/assess the learners.

Rosebank Residential Care   

Thanks for supporting Max - He loves his days with you.

Parent Of SEN Provision User   

Luke really likes going to the farm and spending the day with the animals and staff, he really enjoys it because its a great place with very nice people

Parent Of AP Student   

My assessor was very supportive in all areas, not just the course content. She was informative and responded quickly when needed. Highly recommend Excell training.

Thank you to Rachel and Lisa for all your hard work with Thomas, you’ve both been fantastic and all of us at Crocs wish you all the best!

Clever Crocs   

Very informative and well set out qualification.

We have been extremely happy with the service provided from both Steven and Barry at Excell and will continue to enroll our employees for diploma's with this organisation in the future.

Home Instead Senior Care East Nottingham   

I am so proud of all my staff and watching them grow and learn , it means a lot to me.
Thank you for all the continued work you put in, and I would never ever go to another company as you are all fab.

Broomgrove Trust Nursing Home   

Really happy with the support being received from Excell, it has been fantastic. We will be enrolling more learners with Excell soon.

Abberdale House   

I am satisfied with the support our staff have been receiving from Excell, the training that is given is to a good standard.

Elm Lodge Care Home   

I find the process and support very valuable. The course is very easy to understand and the help and support is brilliant.

Total Care Matters - CYP Apprentice Learner   

Lisa is a really supportive assessor, who has lots of knowledge and will share it. She will give support whenever it is needed and do all she can to help you with any needs you have.

Little Lions Day Nursery - CYP Apprentice Learner   

Rachel is a very good and thorough Assessor. She has helped me understand the criteria in different ways from what it is listed. Sometimes I don’t understand how it is worded but Rachel is always there to help. Due to me having children, I used to do sessions over the phone, to get notes and any help needed. I highly recommend Rachel. Thank you, Rachel.

Thank you for everything you did with me at the farm, I now know how to make a CV. You guys are very good people who have changed me in a good way so thankyou for being there for me. I am so sad to leave as I enjoyed it at the farm.

AP Student   

Happy with the support I received while doing my L2 Diploma. I am considering doing my L3 in the future. I would recommend the qualification and assessors to others.

Goodwin Healthcare - HSC Apprentice Learner   

Thank you Steven for all the support. I could not have done it without you. I am really happy I am now qualified. Thank you again.

Bespoke Health and Social Care   

The staff are very helpful

Goodwin Healthcare - HSC Apprentice Learner   

The team are really helpful and understanding and I am enjoying the course.

Home Instead - HSC Apprentice Learner   

I completed L3 Diploma in CYPW. To begin with I found the written work difficult however, Lisa Haywood was very patient and supportive. She met with me regularly to meet targets and to complete my diploma in considerable time. Thank you for everything Lisa, I appreciate all the help and support. All the very best for the future. Zica x

Pathway Care Residential - CYP Apprentice Learner   

All staff at Excell for training including my tutor Ross have been incredibly supportive.
They have been quick to respond when I have needed help and advice and have continued to support me through my qualification through my change in employer and role, they made this process very easy for me.
I would without a doubt recommend them to other learners.

Aspire - Management Apprentice Learner   

This course has been helpful in maintaining my job as a residential childcare practitioner. The tutors have been very helpful and I found the teaching and learning sessions and telephone question and answer sessions informative and an advantage to my learning style.

Resolute Care   

We appreciate your commitment to TCM. I can assure you that we will continue using Excell as our training provider and as business is growing there will be more opportunities to work together. We do get other training provider knocking our doors but we keep turning them away due to our commitment to Excell.

Total Care Matters   

Great staff, very patient and helpful. Great at responding when help/advice needed.

Home Instead - HSC Apprentice Learner   

We are very satisfied with the progress staff are making and the support they are receiving.

Emerald Care   

Rachel, Lisa and the rest of the guys have been great at supporting our care team in getting through their qualifications. They are readily available to answer everyone's questions and keep all of their learners on track. Watermead Care has worked with you for over 5 years. We have always found working with you all to be a very positive experience. Thank you

I would not have got through this qualification without the support from Rachel. Any help needed was always there and supported.

Watermead Care   

During my Level 3 I felt very supported and knew who I could turn to when I needed support or was having any difficulties. The feedback and information given for the units was detailed and helped to make sure I was able to complete my work.

Resolute Care   

I have really enjoyed all the training and support. Lisa and Rachel have been a great help and very patient and understanding, Thank you very much.

Leahyrst Care Home - HSC Apprentice Learner   

The progress and support our staff have been getting from Excell is brilliant. We have had problems with other providers before because of various changes in assessors , but this has never happened while working with Excell, we have built up a good relationship with Excell staff.

Sarah Care   
Parent Of AP Student   

Rachel was very supportive throughout the whole of my level 5 qualification. Rachel was very organised and worked hard to keep me on top of my work. The teaching and learning sessions I received really helped me. If I ever needed anything, I knew I could always go to Rachel for support. She would always answer any queries promptly. Thank you Rachel

All I can do is thank you for providing such a valuable opportunity for Elinor. She has had a variety of support workers bringing her to the farm and they have all agreed that Elinor has benefited from her time there, so thankyou very much.

Parent Of SEN Provision User   

Brilliant. The staff are awesome and really helpful. I would recommend to others.

Home Instead - HSC Apprentice Learner   

Staff are lovely &very helpful and understanding.

Home Instead - HSC Apprentice Learner   

I feel happy because I feel like I am progressing now and I wouldn't have been able to do it without Lisa explaining everything to me, I feel like it's helping me with my job too.

Clever Crocs Day Nursery - CYP Apprentice Learner   

Thank you for all of your support throughout my L5. Rachel and Steven have been great to keep me on track. Feedback from Rachel was quick and consistent which was good as I wasn't waiting. Thank you!

Total Care Matters   

Lisa has been great, very helpful. She's been there whenever I've needed help.

Ashmere Care Homes - Sutton Lodge- HSC Apprentice Learner   

Lisa and Rachel are fantastic to work with, they made me feel at ease. Thank you.

Total Care Matters - CYP Apprentice Learner   

Lisa is really supportive around my Diploma, I have experienced a few personal problems and Lisa has supported me through this difficult time.

Pathway Care Solutions - CYP Apprentice Learner   

Tyler has changed a great deal in his ways which is very pleasing. We found that the farm has done a great job with our grandson. We hope he can continue to attend such a great place of learning.

AP Student - Parent   

I enjoy mixing with other young people and looking after the piglets I also like feeding the snakes.

AP Student   

I have felt supported and I am more confident answering questions now.

Pathway Care Solutions - CYP Apprentice Learner   

I feel very supported, I have gained lots of knowledge from Rachel.

AEB Programme Learner   

We are very happy with the service received from Excell For Training. Very professional and helpful.

Mortgage 1st   

The QCF team have been very supportive & understanding.

Home Instead Home Instead - HSC Apprentice Learner   

Excell For Training @ Chesterfield Community Care Farm offers the opportunity for success to some of our most challenging students. The provision is personalised and flexible to meet the needs of each student. There are a range of qualifications available and the chance for students to take up apprenticeships and further training post-16.

Tupton Hall School   

I really enjoy doing my childcare course. I have alot of support as well by Lisa which really helps me.

Clever Crocs Day Nursery - CYP Apprentice Learner   

I wouldn't be where I am today without Excell, my future is looking very bright.

Coster Aerosols UK Limited   

I completed my Level 3 diploma in Children’s Learning and Development - Early Years Educator. Lisa was a brilliant tutor who was there to support me in my written work and through some difficult personal times. She was always there to answer questions and to help when I struggled with my work. Thank you!

CYP Apprentice Learner   

Trying to open a new home and complete my Level 5 was quite a challenge! The pandemic made both mine and Rachel’s jobs much harder. I can only say I am incredibly grateful for the support, patience and encouragement that I have had from Rachel, and I am delighted to have finished the qualification!

I have felt very supported throughout my Level 5 qualification with Excell for Training Ltd.

Rachel, my assessor, has been really helpful, she has given me lots of help and advice and the quality of the teaching and learning sessions has been brilliant.

I’ve managed to complete my qualification well within timescales due to the fast responses with booking in my sessions and with the marking and feedback of each unit.

I highly recommend Rachel and Excell for Training.

Resolute Care   

Our Accreditation Awards

We are proud to have been awarded the Matrix Accreditation

We are proud to have been awarded the Disability Confident Employer Award