Excell For Training Offers Government Funded Apprenticeships across a wide range of sectors.


    • Apprenticeships are available for people aged 16 and above.
    • All apprenticeships have government funding available, depending on which group their age falls into:
    • For those aged 16-18, their training is fully funded as long as the employer has fewer than 50 employees, otherwise a 10% co-investment is required.
    • For those over 19, a 10% co-investment is required, we can provide full details on this.


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In the 2015/2016 Education & Skills Funding Agency Learner Satisfaction Survey

“94% of learners would recommend Excell For Training to others” & “learners gave us 9/10 for satisfaction”

What is an Apprenticeship?


An apprenticeship is a mix of work based learning and studying. As an employed apprentice you earn a wage and gain practical experience whilst working towards a combination of qualifications to make up the award. Apprenticeships follow a level 2 or the advanced level 3 programme.




Health and Social Care


The Health and Social Care apprenticeship is the foundation for anyone who has an interest in, and wishes to pursue a rewarding career in the care sector. There are a range of care opportunities, for example; working with children and young people, mental health, elderly etc.


Functional skills are delivered in the workplace or in a classroom setting. Once the test has been completed, your assessor will meet and support you in your work place to complete your diploma.




Customer Services


Customer Services is a growing sector; It is vital to all businesses. Good career opportunities will always be available for those who have good customer service skills.


Excell For Training, in association with EDI, deliver Customer Service apprenticeships at level 2 and 3.


This apprenticeship is for anyone who would like a career with a large element of customer contact. This can be internal customers or a customer facing role, i.e. Sales, reception, call centres, spares, service, warehousing, distribution and retail.




Business Administration


Business administrators play an important support role to ensure an office runs smoothly and efficiently. Business and Administration skills are crucial to the growth of a business or organisations 97% of UK employers stating that good business administration is critical to their business.


Excell For Training, in association with EDI, deliver Business Administration apprenticeships at level 2 and 3.


This apprenticeship is for anyone who would like a career in an administrative role in business, public sector or other organisations, i.e. Administration assistance, office support or HR staff.

Children & Young People Apprenticeships


This is similar to Health and Social Care Apprenticeship but it’s aimed at people who are wanting to work with children. This Apprenticeship opens opportunities to work in Nurseries, Children Homes, schools etc.”




What is a Diploma?


A diploma is the work based experience, skills and understanding you can demonstrate in your work. Our assessor will work with you to choose the most appropriate units for your type of work, gather evidence and examples of these in a portfolio, to complete the course.




What is a Technical Certificate?


The technical certificate is study based learning where you will underpin your knowledge and understanding of the subject your are working in. We will teach you the skills you need for today’s work place.




What are Functional Skills?


Functional skills are maths and English at level 1 or 2 and ICT at levels 1 & 2.These will help learners to achieve their full potential and gain the qualification and confidence for today’s challenges. We will provide any support you need to achieve these.

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